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Orton-Gillingham Trainings

We are planning our 2022-2023 Orton-Gillingham Training schedule and will announce it as soon as we've sorted out all of the details. Check back soon!


Orton-Gillingham Classroom Educator Training

This training is designed for teachers working in classrooms or with small groups and is not intended for one-on-one instruction. Topics covered include: dyslexia and reading disorders; the OG Approach; phonology and phonological awareness; handwriting; phonics for reading and spelling; the lesson plan; history and structure of the English language; beginning morphology; informal assessments and diagnostic-prescriptive teaching; and accuracy, automaticity, and fluency. This training springboards into the Associate Level training. 

​Orton-Gillingham Associate Level Training

The Associate Level training extends another week beyond the Classroom Educators training. This training is designed for one-on-one instruction. Additional topics beyond the Classroom Educator training include: going further in-depth with the topics above; the lesson plan for one-on-one; hands-on practice with a student (there will be a student that everyone will practice different parts of the lesson on); student profile; written expression; reading comprehension; and the Academy’s philosophy, standards, and requirements.
In the past, teachers who completed the Associate Level Training have received 3 hours toward Read to Succeed requirements.