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Charter School Information

Lakes and Bridges Charter School is a mission-specific, public charter school that is an Alternative Education Campus (AEC) for children with a primary formal diagnosis of dyslexia/SLD or those children who struggle with reading, writing, and spelling, and have the characteristics of dyslexia. Lakes and Bridges is authorized by the South Carolina Public Charter School District.
Charter schools are public schools that are allowed the freedom to be more innovative with greater autonomy while being held accountable for improving student achievement.
Absolutely! While a charter school has the freedom to choose its own curriculum, it must align with the standards established by the South Carolina State Board of Education.
Yes. The federal government does not exempt charter school students from taking standardized tests.  In fact, all public schools (charter, magnet, and traditional) can face severe financial penalties if at least 95 percent of the student population is not tested.
No. Public charter schools must be nonprofit corporations governed by a board of directors and follow state ethics laws. Public charter schools, just like district-run schools, purchase goods and contract for services based on the needs of their students. All South Carolina public charter schools are 501(c)(3) organizations; as such, they must submit an annual audit to their sponsor and to the South Carolina State Department of Education and must file 990s with the Internal Revenue Service.