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Enrollment FAQs

First, a parent or legal guardian completes the application and submits all necessary accompanying paperwork required. Once the application is complete, the Admissions Team will go through the Determination Process to determine Qualified Students. If necessary, an informal screening of the applicant will be scheduled.
The Determination Process for Qualified Students to be used by the Admissions Team is as follows:
  1. a review of the application form and all documents submitted with the application;
  2. a review of the student's informal screening, if necessary; and
  3. a determination by the Admissions Team as to whether the child demonstrates an unexpected reading delay and can be classified as having the characteristics of dyslexia/SLD, if not previously diagnosed or qualified through an Individual Education Plan (IEP, 504 Plan, and/or recent public/private psychological evaluation by a licensed school psychologist within the past 1-3 years).
In 2017, the South Carolina Code that governs charter school law was amended to allow Alternative Education Campuses (AECs) the ability to be mission-specific and turn away students who do not meet the criteria of a Qualified Student for their school's mission.
Qualified Students:
  1. are South Carolina residents;
  2. have a primary diagnosis of dyslexia/SLD through a formal public or private evaluation, if they have been evaluated;
  3. if they have not been formally evaluated, have the characteristics of dyslexia through an assessment/screener administered after the application is received; and/or
  4. have demonstrated need for such specific services through (but not limited to) documentation in an IEP, 504 plan with dyslexia/SLD as the primary eligibility.
Once the Admissions Team has completed the process and determined if the child is a Qualified Student, the parent/legal guardian shall be notified after Open Enrollment closes. All Qualified Students will be eligible to attend as space permits. 
If there are fewer Qualified Student applicants than slots available, the parents will be notified of acceptance.
If the number of Qualified Student applicants exceeds available seats, LABCS acceptances will go to lottery as needed per grade and the parents will be notified of the child's lottery number. The public enrollment lottery is typically held in mid- to late-March.
All notifications will be sent to the email address provided on the application. The parent or guardian has until the indicated date to accept admission. If LABCS has received no response to the notice of admission by the indicated date, a follow-up phone call will be made to remind the parent/legal guardian of the pending deadline. If no response is provided, it shall be deemed that the offer of admission has been declined and a letter to that effect will be sent to the parent/legal guardian and student. 
Please have the documents scanned and ready to submit with the application form:
  1. a copy of any recent psychological evaluation, speech/language evaluation, and/or medical records concerning conditions that might affect your child's ability to learn (if your child has never been evaluated, there is a space to note this in the application form);
  2. a copy of the most recent Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan, if applicable;
  3. a copy of your child's final report card from last school year; and
  4. a copy of your child's most recent report card from the current school year.
Additional information and/or documents may be required to determine qualification.