LABCS Presents to Upstate Alliance

On Wednesday, July 11, Lakes & Bridges Charter School had the opportunity to present at the Coffee & Conversation event hosted by the Upstate Alliance. Coffee and Conversation is a monthly event held by Alliance to bring together their members, who are people involved in promoting the Upstate of South Carolina to companies looking to locate or expand to the area. Adam Artigliere, a lawyer with McNair Law Firm (a member of the Upstate Alliance), serves on the Founding Committee of Lakes & Bridges, and he was invited to speak about the school along with Rep. Gary Clary, who sponsored and championed legislation that made the school possible.

Adam and Rep. Clary presented to an audience of about 60 people. They began with a simulation of “What it is like to be dyslexic,” which involves asking audience members to read from a paper that has been manipulated to look like how words may look to a dyslexic. After several people attempted to read the challenging text aloud, one audience member read it perfectly; that audience member is dyslexic.

Adam and Rep. Clary went on to explain the approach and curriculum Lakes & Bridges Charter School will use to effectively teach all children to read, and the value that this free, public school will have on Upstate children, families and, ultimately, the workforce. Everyone present seemed to understand that improving literacy at its most foundational level will play an important role in better preparing students to graduate high school and go on to contribute to the workforce.

Lakes & Bridges is grateful to the Upstate Alliance for inviting our board member to speak about the school, and we’re grateful for Rep. Clary for his continued role in advocating for the school. It’s partnerships like this that will ensure Lakes & Bridges becomes a vital and recognized part of the Upstate school system, and an innovator in education that will lead the way for future schools and programs.

Photos (below) of the event were taken by Danielle Besser of the Upstate Alliance.

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