Fundraising Advisory Campaign Meeting March 12

On Monday, March 12 from 6-7 p.m., the next meeting of the Fundraising Campaign Advisory Board will take place in the conference room of the school building, 1600 E. Main St. in Easley, S.C. The meeting is open to the public.


Brief tour of building

Read Mission and Vision Public Comments (speaker limited to max of 3 minutes)

Old Business A. Brief update of school progress, 501c3 status B. Review Needs Spreadsheet i. Discuss construction cost impact ii. Discussion of triage order and projects iii. Any connections for in-kind gifts? C. Review documents about school D. Update on current fundraising asks in process E. Update on website and software

Vote for New Positions: Board Chair and Secretary

New Business A. Naming rights B. 2019 Gala – set committee C. Grants – suggestions/direction/goals for committee D. Set projects/goals for email/letter campaigns E. Set up initial small-group/breakfast meeting

Announcements Set future meeting(s) Adjournment

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