Next board meeting: March 5, 2018

AGENDA LAKES AND BRIDGES CHARTER SCHOOL TO BE HELD AT 7:00 P.M. ON Monday, March 5, 2018 Lakes and Bridges Charter School 1600 East Main Street Easley, SC 29640

I. Call to Order. II. Roll Call/Establishment of Quorum and Read Mission Statement.

III. Acknowledge compliance with SC FOIA.

IV. Approval of Minutes from February 19, 2018 meeting.

V. Public Comments (Each comment limited to three minutes)

VI. Old Business A. Reports 1. Treasurer’s Report

2. Project Director’s Report i. Enrollment numbers ii. P & I Grant iii. Hiring Staff

3, Facility iv. Architects and Funding for the Renovations v. Phase I Study

4. Fundraising Report i. Advisory Board 5. After School Program B. Manuals

C. Gifts for students who enroll

VII. New Business Event Coordinator Police jurisdiction

VIII. Announcements

IV. March 19, 2018 next meeting date

X. Adjournment

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