Goodbye to our Good Friend

We’re saddened to have learned that on December 6, 2017, Dr. Byron “Bud” Webb, one of the key founders of Lakes and Bridges Charter School, passed away. His life and his story are inspirational to us for so many reasons, not the least of which is that his generosity and vision made this school possible.

In 2015, Bud approached a few members of the founding committee after he heard that they were interested in starting a charter school for kids with dyslexia. He handed them a check for $100,000. “Use this money to get the school started,” he told them, asking nothing in return—no naming rights, no public honors. Bud simply wanted a school to teach people who, like himself, had never learned to read easily or well due to dyslexia.

Bud used to tell people that he was “a 70-year-old Ph.D. who never learned to read.” He had a very successful career as a professor, college dean and elected politician, but he struggled with dyslexia his entire life. Even in the last few months of his life, Bud regularly received reports about the school and was thrilled to hear how those early ideas were becoming an actual school.

Read Dr. Webb’s full obituary here.

Watch the founders’ video, which features Bud’s story at the end, on the school’s YouTube page.

We’re honored to have known this kind, smart and giving man, and we’re honored to carry on his legacy as we build and open Lakes and Bridges Charter School to serve children with dyslexia.

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