How to Help the School & Your Child

Well, it’s official: we will be opening Lakes & Bridges Charter School in Fall 2018. As excited as we, the Board Members, are to have a charter and open the school, it means we now have a lot of work ahead of us.

Thank you to all of those who have been sending in encouragement and asking us how you can help. The time has now come for you to start working with us to help make this school a reality. Here’s how you can help Lakes and Bridges Charter School.

First, we need volunteers. Please take this survey to tell us how you want to and can help, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Take volunteer survey:

Next, if you are a parent who is interested in the school for your child, complete a Letter of Interest (if you haven’t already). This form will NOT guarantee admission, nor does it mean that you have to apply next year. It does, however, let us see the number of children and their ages interested in the school so that we can plan for space and hiring accordingly.

Complete a Letter of Interest:

Additionally, parents and guardians: Start working with your current school now to identify dyslexia (if appropriate). If you child already has an IEP or 504 plan that identifies dyslexia or related reading/learning issues, then your child will have preferential admission to the school. (Yes, the school will be open to all children, but preference will be given to those with dyslexia, whether it has been diagnosed or not).

If you think your child has ANY issues with reading, NOW is the time to start the process of getting an IEP or 504 (IEPs are individual education plans. Watch this video to learn more about IEPs, and we’ll also write some future blogs on the topic). Doing this process now, during the year that we are planning the school, will make admissions run smoother for you when the school begins taking applicants. It will also help us ensure we have the accommodations in place that all students need.

Getting an IEP is free of charge and available to any student. That said, it can be a frustrating process. Here’s how to get an IEP or 504:

  1. Talk to your child’s teacher about your concerns

  2. Make a formal request for evaluation – this is a letter you write to the principal.

  3. Your child will be evaluated, free of cost, by the school.

This brief but helpful video explains: “How Do I get an IEP or 504 plan for my child?”

If your child is very young, read this article about requesting IEPs for children ages 3-5.

Again, children will NOT have to have an IEP related to dyslexia to apply or get in to Lakes and Bridges, but having one will make the process smoother and more straight-forward.

Thank you for your interest in the school!

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