Education Beyond Books

The committee of passionate parents and former teachers are starting Lakes and Bridges Charter School not only to provide individualized, multi-sensory reading instruction, but also to build confident, self-assured children who are ready to learn, lead and succeed.

Children with dyslexia often develop low self-esteem due to thinking they are "stupid," "slow" or "not working hard enough." They may feel defeated by a school and classroom system that doesn't work for them. They may feel misunderstood. They may be bullied.

We understand the toll that dyslexia has on students. That's why our school will not only teach them how to read, write and spell, but also help them acquire the skills needed to achieve success in academics and in life. Recognizing the challenge of providing each student the time and instructional intensity to master foundational reading skills, LABCS teachers will infuse literacy and multi-sensory instruction into every class throughout the school day. In addition to academic classes, students will have weekly social skills classes studying the values put forth in The Leader in Me, which teaches 21st-Century leadership and life skills and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader. The courses serve to help children reach their full potential by teaching responsibility, problem solving, accountability, communication skills, and more.

As our school mission states:

Lakes & Bridges Charter School empowers students to discover and to use their unique abilities to acquire the skills and self-confidence necessary to achieve academic, career and personal goals.

We're not just about books. We want to help raise children of character who have the life skills necessary to succeed.

Won't you join us in improving education? Complete a Letter of Interest form today.

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