Susie's Story: The 1 in 5

Just look at it harder!

She is not trying hard enough.

She is lazy. Make her read more.

She will outgrow this. Hold her back in school.

I can tell she is not happy. Is she emotionally abused?

If she had more books in the house, she would be able to read.

These are some of the comments that were made about our smart, pretty, high-IQ daughter throughout elementary school. She struggled to learn to read, and no one had any answers or could help. I was a trained elementary teacher, yet I still had no idea what to do.

We hired after-school tutors, paid for additional testing, sent her to private schools, and saw her endure ridicule and teasing. It was when she was in the 5th grade that we began to hear about dyslexia and the Orton-Gillingham Approach to teaching reading. Changing how we taught our daughter to read helped her immensely. But she still struggles with the self-esteem issues she developed at a young age.

If we had had a school like Lakes and Bridges Charter School that focuses on literacy and research-based, scientifically proven reading methods, I know our daughter's life would have been vastly different. Early intervention would have helped not just her reading, but her confidence.

Through our daughter's struggles, I learned how to help other children that have unexpected reading difficulties. I do not want any child to have to struggle like our daughter did. Through many discussions with other caring colleagues and friends, the idea for Lakes and Bridges Charter School was born.

We need your help in getting this school up and running so that no more kids fall behind in school. If you suspect that your child should be doing better in school, please fill out a Student Interest Form. It is not binding for either party, but will help us prove that there is a need for this school in our area.

After all, one in five people have dyslexia. In our family, that statistic was absolutely true, as we have five children, and one has dyslexia. The earlier we can provide these children with appropriate instruction, the better their lives will be.

Thank you,

Susie Dooley

Member, Founding Committee

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