Do We Need this School?

Years ago, some of our children were struggling with literacy in school and some of us were teachers trying to help these children. Some on our committee have children who are struggling in school now. As a result of our experiences with children we taught and teach, parent and love, the idea for Lakes and Bridges Charter School was formed.

Lakes and Bridges Charter School will offer evidence-based, scientifically proven literacy methods that can help all children, especially those that have unexpected difficulty with literacy. Some of these children may be dyslexic, and some may simply need multi-sensory, systematic instruction in all areas of the curriculum. Some may know they have dyslexia, while others may be acting up in school, struggling for reasons their parents or teachers don’t understand, or just falling behind.

So, what is dyslexia? Even though 1 in 5 people have dyslexia, and it’s a condition of the brain, the term is only just now being used in S.C. schools. The definition of dyslexia is:

“Dyslexia is an unexpected difficulty in reading, a disparity between intelligence and reading ability, particularly reading fluency.”

If your child is struggling with literacy in school, the sooner that researched-based methods are used as interventions, the more successful your child will be.

Please refer to these sites for a checklist to determine if your child has symptoms of dyslexia:

Lakes and Bridges Charter School will be a public, free charter school authorized by the South Carolina Charter School Alliance. Funding will come from this district and does not take away money from local school districts. Additionally, the school will serve as a lab to actively train teachers in the surrounding districts and beyond to learn evidence-based, multi-sensory teaching techniques to help children with dyslexia -- and all children -- learn better how to read, write and succeed in school. This school will serve our community for years to come.

Won’t you join us? Complete a Letter of Interest today, then send it to someone who may also benefit from the school, its training and its revolutionary approach to changing education for the better.

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