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In order for Lakes & Bridges to earn our charter, we need a certain number of Letters of Student Interest from parents. These Letters state that should the school be approved, you plan to send your child to Lakes & Bridges Charter School. The form does not guarantee entrance; rather, it expresses your intent and allows us to plan for how many children would like to attend, and what grades they will be in.

To help us learn about your children, plan our school and receive our charter, please complete the Letter of Interest form today. You can download the form here.

After completing the form, please mail it in (address at the bottom) or scan it and email it to Please share the form with others parents who may be interested. The more forms we submit, the better the state committee will understand the need for this school, and the better we can plan for the space, resources and funds needed to support all students.

UPDATED: Letters of Interest can now be submitted online! Visit the Enroll page and fill out the simple form online. It's that easy! Complete the form yourself, then send to a friend.

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