Why We Need Funds

Charter Schools receive state funds and state grants, but not nearly the same as other public schools. The per-pupil allotment for an LABCS student is about $5,000 less per student than in Pickens County, and half as much as each student receives in Greenville County. 

While the state has helped us hire great teachers and secure innovative furniture and supplies, state funds will not pay for a library full of books, art or music teachers and supplies, a playground, transportation, or even our building renovation. 

This means the school relies on private donations to ensure we meet all the needs of our students. We also must raise $1 million from individuals, businesses, and organizations to fund the renovation of the building we will call home.

Please consider attending one of our fundraising events, recruiting local businesses to help, or make a donation now. 

Please check this page periodically for any upcoming fundraising events.

 2nd Annual Gala