Faculty and Staff




Heidi Bishop, Principal (hbishop@labcharterschool.org)

Instructional Leadership Team


Ashley Henderson, Reading Coach (ahenderson@labcharterschool.org)​​


Alfreda Miller, Coordinator of Exceptional Students (SPED) (amiller@labcharterschool.org)

Marie Moon, Technology Director, GT Coordinator, ADEPT Coordinator, and Testing Coordinator (mmoon@labcharterschool.org)

Support Staff


Kelly Disbrow, Office Manager/PowerSchool Coordinator (kdisbrow@labcharterschool.org)

Michelle Tennant, Office Manager Assistant (mtennant@labcharterschool.org)

Karen Wells, Nurse (kwells@labcharterschool.org)


Lead Teachers

Brittany Bowen, SPED Case Manager, Interventionist (bbowen@labcharterschool.org)

Heather Brown, SPED Case Manager, 3rd Grade (hbrown@labcharterschool.org)

Ashleigh Coker, 2nd Grade (acoker@labcharterschool.org)

Jennifer Compton, SPED Case Manager, Interventionist (hbrown@labcharterschool.org)

Jhon Duran, Middle School Social Studies (jduran@labcharterschool.org)

Beth Fleming, 5th Grade (bfleming@labcharterschool.org)

Danielle Harber, SPED Case Manager, Interventionist (dharber@labcharterschool.org)

Kimberly Haun, Middle School ELA (khaun@labcharterschool.org)

Maggie Luthi, SPED Case Manager, 4th Grade (mluthi@labcharterschool.org)

Madison Melton, 1st Grade (mmelton@labcharterschool.org)

Terrell Norris, 5th Grade, Elementary PE (tnorris@labcharterschool.org)

Rachel Rivers, 5th Grade (rrivers@labcharterschool.org)

Elizabeth Simmons, Middle School Math (esimmons@labcharterschool.org)

Eleanor Stoker, SPED Case Manager, 4th Grade (estoker@labcharterschool.org)

Brooke Tucker, Middle School Science (btucker@labcharterschool.org)

Chris Wise, Middle School PE (cwise@labcharterschool.org)

Support Teachers


Amber Akers, Middle School Support (aakers@labcharterschool.org)

Linda Caraway, 4th Grade Support, ESOL (lcaraway@labcharterschool.org)

Adrienne Crowe, 2nd Grade Support (acrowe@labcharterschool.org)

Donna Griffin, 1st Grade Support (dgriffin@labcharterschool.org)

Endia Jones, 5th Grade Support (ejones@labcharterschool.org)

Cassie Keeler, Middle School ELA Support (ckeeler@labcharterschool.org)

Stephanie Phifer, Middle School Support, Health Education Teachers, Student Wellness Coordinator (sphifer@labcharterschool.org)

Danielle Toby, 3rd Grade Support (dtoby@labcharterschool.org)


Emily Ahrens (eahrens@labcharterschool.org)

Kit Martinsen (kmartinsen@labcharterschool.org)