About Lakes & Bridges Charter School

Founded by Teachers and Parents to Improve Education
A group of retired teachers and parents realized the needs of students with dyslexia in Upstate South Carolina were not being met in the public schools. Public schools have so many mandates regarding special education that dyslexic learners get lost in the crowd. They are grouped with students with so many types of learning abilities that it becomes impossible for public schools to provide the unique instruction needed for children with dyslexia to become successful. 
Lakes and Bridges Charter School will meet the unique needs of children with dyslexia. People with dyslexia have average or above average intelligence but have difficulty learning to read, write and spell. Many dyslexics are exceptionally creative and productive, seeing the world in a way that has historically led to solving huge problems and making enormous contributions to the world.


Twenty percent of the population has dyslexia. Dyslexic learners need a multi-sensory curriculum that teaches basic skills, and the skills must be mastered before moving on. Currently in many parts of the Upstate, to get needed instruction for dyslexic learners, parents must find a specially trained tutor or drive to Greenville to private schools. The schools and tutors are expensive and filled to capacity with waiting lists.


By working together, we will meet the needs of these students at a public charter school, free of tuition. We will teach them to read, and in turn, show other public schools how best to implement curriculum and tactics into all schools to improve reading instruction for all students.


Our school received a charter in April 2017, and we will open our doors in August 2018. Come join us!



Nancy Linvill (chair), Adam Artigliere, Lawson Clary, Susie Dooley, Bonnie Kelley, Claiborne Linvill, Harriet Simmons, Carolyn Stroup, Debbie Vaughn and Bud Webb.


Teach innovatively. Learn constantly.

Engage compassionately. 

Lakes & Bridges Charter School empowers students to achieve the academic, technical, and social skills necessary to accomplish further educational and career goals through a supportive and motivational environment that emphasizes specialized, systematic, multi-sensory, and individualized instruction.

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